Got it Zordon, we're on our way! Come on guys, we've still got work to do!
~ Tommy Oliver
White Ranger
Series: Power Rangers
Debut: Green with Evil, Part 1
October 5, 1993
Opponent: Leonardo
Appearances: White Ranger vs. Leonardo
The White Ranger, aka Tommy Oliver, is a character who appears in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series. He was featured on the official first episode of Battle Royale, where he was pit up against Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

History Edit

Battle Royale InfoEdit


  • Debut: Green With Evil, Part 1
    (October 5, 1993)
  • Real Name: Tommy Oliver
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5'11" / 1.8 m
  • Weight: 214 lbs. / 97 kg
  • Occupation: Green Power Ranger (formerly), White Power Ranger, Zeo Red Ranger, Black Dino Ranger


  • Saba
    • An enchanted talking saber sword.
    • Acts as a remote control for the Tigerzord.
  • Standard Power Ranger Armor
  • White Shark Cycle
    • A motorcycle created from the fossil of a prehistoric shark... because why not.
  • Tigerzord
    • Tommy's Zord.
    • A giant mechanical tiger standing around 160' tall
  • Warrior Form
    • Stands 177' tall and weighs 150 lbs.
  • Mega Tigerzord
    • Combines with the other Zords to achieve this form.
    • Most powerful version of the Tigerzord.


  • Superhuman strength, agility, and durability
  • Skilled in Karate, Kenpo, and Taekwondo
  • White Ranger Thunder Power
    • Used to summon the Tigerzord
  • Connection to the Morphing Grid
    • Allows him to transform into the White Ranger
    • Likely scales to the other Rangers, as they all draw their powers from the Morphing Grid as well.


  • Can hold his own against human sized monsters, even multiple at once
  • Punched Goldar hard enough to knock him down
    • Didn't have access to the Morphing Grid at the time.
  • Tigerzord can destroy building sized creatures
  • Tigerzord managed to survive it's Pheonix Strike being reflected back at it


  • Can revert back to normal after suffering too much damage.
  • Tigerzord, while powerful, can also be an easy target due to it's size.
  • Tigerzord can be overloaded and pushed past it's limits just like any other machine.


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