Ruby is one of the playable characters in Crossover X. She is a fox-like creature that claims to be a friend of Corona Wolf. She is the only remaining Leaf Fox today. She has golden fur and a leaflike tail, and is never seen without her cyan bow. She is more speed-oriented than the other playable characters, as she has high speed, average defense, and fairly low attack. Given her leaf tail, she takes extreme damage from fire attacks, and next to none from water ones. In Multiplayer, the second player plays as her.

Method of UnlockingEdit

Like X, Ruby is locked in single-player at first. She is, however, the easiest to unlock. All you have to do is find her hidden in the first Ghiria level (she's up a tree). Once you find the right tree in the level, an "A" button icon will appear above your character. Press A and Ruby will come down. After this she will talk for a bit and then run off. She is playable from there out.


Her theme is Complication. Listen:

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Complication

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Complication