Oria is one of the planets visitable in the Orimus system, and a depressing one at that. The smudge tool was spammed while making its art. It is also the only planet to have artwork drawn from the surface instead of outer space.

This planet only holds one level, which is the last planet level in the game. Interestingly, this level is a mix of Scavenger Hunt and Enemy Smackdown.

Unlike the other planets in the game, this one lacks a hub world, given that it only has one level.


Oria is a barren, stony planet, nearby Ghiria. Its sky is orange and it is covered with Leaf Fox statues. (I'll explain those in History.) It has dust covering it all over, and no remaining signs of water. The only thing you can get here is the Silver Amulet, which is merely decorative excapt when equipped by X. It will then boost his Defense a good amount, balancing him out a bit more.


Oria's Surface

Oria's dusty surface, with one of millions of unlucky Leaf Foxes.

Oria has a very depressing backstory. It tells you why Ruby is the only one of her kind, and explains the frightened Leaf Fox statues scattered across it. Once upon a time, Oria was a beautiful, lush planet, even more stunning than Ghiria. It was the home planet of the Leaf Foxes back then. But one day, the attack of the Dark Army began. After they stole almost all the Batreons from Ghiria, they came to Oria, and turned all the Leaf Foxes to stone, before obliterating the rest of the life with a huge meteor. The only Leaf Foxes to escape were Ruby and Sapphire, a male Leaf Fox and Ruby's brother. Sapphire died, but Ruby lived on to become the only living member of her species. The way you find out about this is right before you go to Oria once its level is unlocked, Ruby will call the gang over. A cutscene will then play where Ruby tells you all about Oria's backstory.


World of Goo's "Screamer" plays here. Listen:

World of Goo Soundtrack 11 - Screamer

World of Goo Soundtrack 11 - Screamer