Kameeleons are enemies that only appear in Enemy Smackdown and Get to the End single-player levels of the
game, but will appear anywhere in multiplayer. They are green with yellow eyes, but can change their colors at will to blend in. The only thing they cannot change is their horn and eyes. As such they close their eyes while blending in to make them near-to unnoticeable. However, they cannot get the color spot-on, and that is how you can tell where there is a Kameeleon- look for slight discolouration on the walls. If you look hard enough you will be able to break out the outline of the Kameeleon. All you have to do once you figure out where it is is attack it once- it will then change back to green and flee. However it is somewhat slow, so you will have no trouble catching up to it.

Strengths are ranged weapons and slashing weapons. Weakness is fire- ironic given where they live, Volcania.