Ghiria is one of the visitable planets in the Orimus system, not far from our Solar System. It is home to Ghirians, Batreons, and Celosia.

This planet has a grand total of six levels:

Like all planets except Oria, it also has a hub world you can hang out in. This particular hub world is a Ghirian village, as well as some of the field near it. You can go in Dinio's house to get a few coins, as well as a funny easter egg/cameo- a picture of Pinkie Pie on the wall.


Ghiria is a grassy planet with many rivers and an ocean. It also has a volcano, and at the peak of said volcano is where you will find the first Lost Constellation.


Mario Kart Wii's "Maple Treeway" plays here. Listen:

Mario Kart Wii Music - Maple Treeway

Mario Kart Wii Music - Maple Treeway