Corrupted Ghirian

Corrupted Ghirians are enemies that start appearing in later levels of the game, particularly in post- final Dragonhunter fight Ghiria. They look like normal Ghirians, except they are severely desaturated and their eyes are pupilless and white. They are fairly slow and walk with a zombie-like gait. Despite their slowness, they are tanks for their size, with 200 HP and high defense. Once defeated, they revert back to normal Ghirians. Sometimes, you'll get swarmed by several of these, in an event the game refers to as a "Ghirian Rush". (Yes, that's a Starcraft reference.) You can tell when one is near- its sounds are distorted (and sometimes reversed) versions of normal Ghirian sounds, plus a fairly high-pitched moan overlaid with static. Occasionally, they'll say "Help" in reverse.