Series: Digimon
Debut: Ultimate Anti-Hero
October 29, 2000
Opponent: Mewtwo
Appearances: Mewtwo VS BlackWarGreymon
BlackWarGreymon is a character who appears in Namco's animated series Digimon. It appeared in the third episode of Battle Royale, where it was put up against Mewtwo from the Pokémon series. He was voiced by Jacob "Noer" Trpeski.


Battle Royale InfoEdit


  • Debut: Digimon Adventure 02 (2000)
  • Level: Mega
  • Type: Dragon Man
  • Height: Estimated 10' (3.048 m)
  • Created to bring chaos to the Digital World.
  • Likes long, brooding walks on the beach talking about the meaning of life.
  • Soloes your favorite DigiDestined.
  • Abandoned his creators.
  • Theorized to be Moses.


  • Dramon Killers
    • Effective against Dramon-type Digimon
  • Brave Shield
    • A shield capable of blocking heavy and hard-hitting attacks even from equally powerful Digimon.
  • Chrome Digizoid Armor
    • An armor created from the alloy of Crome Digizoid, a metal tougher and more durable than any other metal in the Digimon universe.
  • Black Tornado
  • Dramon Fire


  • Flight
    • He can fly. Obviously.
  • Energy Deflection
    • Capable of deflecting any type of energy-based projectile.
  • Dimensional Control
    • Capable of opening portals.
  • Energy Wave
  • Terra Destroyer
    • A version comprised of negative emotions from the surrounding vicinity as well as his own.
  • Digivolving
    • BlackWarGreymon X
      • Using X-Antibody, BlackWarGreymon can transform into this new form.
      • Increased Attack
      • Increased Speed
      • Increased Defense
      • Capable of fighting against Royal Knights


  • Perfectly equal with WarGreymon.
  • Destroyed Holy Artifacts.
  • Caused explosions the size of Mount Fuji just from fighting WarGreymon and Imperialdramon.
  • His Terra Destroyer split the ocean for a long period of time.
  • Defeated Angemon with ease.
  • Carried the weight of Mammothmon.
  • Defeated all the DigiDestined with an Energy Wave and again with a Terra Force.
  • Blitzed and kept up with Digimon capable of Mach 26,000 to FTL speeds.
  • Defeated three fusion Digimon despite being gravely wounded.
  • Surpassed and blitzed Arukenimon and Mummymon.


  • Code of Honor
  • Brave Shield can still be broken.
  • Chrome Digizoid can still be broken, though it is hard to do so.
  • Digimon have limited energy.
  • Emotionally compromised on his search for his purpose in life. Can lead to being headstrong in some situations.
  • Digimon AMVs with angsty music.


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